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Billy Goat Shoes

Aigle Lolly Pop Jaune

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The Lollipop product from Aigle is a great general use rain boot for children. A child would use this product in the forest, in the playground or just in the garden. The boots are made from natural rubber, this provides flexibility, durability and water resistance. The rubber sole provides an excellent damping effect and will feel comfortable while playing or walking. The inner lining and insole are made of polyester and cotton. This boot has a total weight of 560 grams and a heel height of 0.5 centimeters.

Aigle is a fantastic quality brand that manufactures high-quality products such as rain boots and raincoats. Aigle rain boots have been used for years for various purposes such as hunting, fishing, and for countryside or garden use. All Aigle boots are composed of natural rubber and constructed by hand in their factory in France, taking 60 steps to put the boots together with a conscience toward rigorous standards. After this process, the Aigle boots are vulcanized, giving the rubber its flexibility, durability as well as water resistance. Before the boots can be sold, they are subjected to extremely strict quality control, where the boots are first tested for the quality of the rubber followed by a visual inspection. The use of natural rubber promises a stronger, more flexible, more comfortable and more solid build compared to that of synthetic rubber such as PVC. Because all Aigle boots are hand-made, each boot is not exactly the same, adding to the uniqueness of the boot. See the video above to watch the production process of the Aigle rain boots.

Care instructions

- Wash the boots in clear or mild soapy water after each use (Neutral pH).

- Wipe the boots using a lint-free cloth.

- After cleaning your boots, keep them in the dark in an upright position away from any sources of heat.