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Billy Goat Shoes

Shoesme Pink BN24S016-E

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Discover the ultimate comfort for your child's little feet with our baby sandal. Made of microfiber leather, this sandal is not only very strong but also suitable for intensive use. The water resistance, color fastness and abrasion resistance make this sandal ideal for all kinds of adventures.

The extremely flexible sole, made of 100% natural rubber, bends effortlessly with the movements of the feet and at the same time offers grip on any surface. The anatomically shaped footbed provides optimal support and cushioning, allowing your little one's feet to grow healthily.

The last and sole developed by Shoesme are specially tailored to children's feet in the phase of learning to walk, giving the sandal the perfect fit. The sandal is easy to put on and take off thanks to the rip tape closure.

A perfect sandal for when your child is learning to walk in the summer. The bump nose and closed heel offer extra protection against possible impact and fall damage. Will your child soon take their first steps on this summer sandal?