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Billy Goat Shoes

Shoesme 3V SH23S00 A Pink Cloud

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Ooooo, happy days! These Shoesme sneakers are perfect for the summer days. They have a beautiful pink color and a handy Rip tape closure which makes putting on and taking off extra easy. The toe has a white rubber bumber for protection if your child still plays a lot on the ground. The inside of the shoe is made of chrome-free leather with a perforated and removable footbed for optimal ventilation. The 100% rubber sole with grippy profile is sturdy and at the same time flexible so that the foot can stretch comfortably.

Keep your sneakers nice and clean for longer with a good protection spray such as the Carbon Sneaker Spray which is a spray that keeps both smooth and rough leather beautiful and supple. This spray is ideal for sneakers that consist of different materials. Repeat monthly.